Sunday, May 26

New ‘pasar tani’ for Samarahan

Minos (third left) in his office with senior personnel from SDC and Fama.

Minos (third left) in his office with senior personnel from SDC and Fama.

KUCHING: Samarahan District Council (SDC) and Federal Agriculture and Marketing Authority (Fama) will set up a permanent agricultural market (pasar tani) in Kota Samarahan.

Walikota Dato Peter Minos said SDC would be looking for land measuring at least five acres for this purpose, with Fama providing the funds.

“Over three-quarters of Samarahan is still rural and agricultural land. It produces vegetables, fruits and meat; also fish from the sea. We must help these farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen with product marketing and promotion.

“Samarahan products should be more affordable and cheaper than in Kuching,” he told The Borneo Post about the project after receiving a visit from Fama at SDC on Thursday.

Minos said the ‘pasar tani’ would be like a ‘big central market’ for Kota Samarahan, with all ready facilities for the public.

“It may even become a tourism spot.”

Minos said the proposed project was the least that SDC could do to assist the farmers, breeders and fishermen in Samarahan.

“With the new market, it would help SDC to stop the operation of the roadside stalls which are unsightly and have been causing traffic problems.

“It is best that roadside stallholders be given proper trading spots for them earn their living more comfortably,” he said.

Minos said SDC would not stop anyone from making money out of selling vegetables, fish and meat, but they must also respect other members of the public.

He cited the ‘pasar tani’ in Puchong and Jerantut in Peninsular Malaysia as successful ones, upon which SDC might emulate with some modifications.

“The market will be an important landmark in Kota Samarahan that its people can be proud of,” he said.