Friday, December 13

Lambir Hills National Park Miri to host 5th Bornean Frog Race


KUCHING: The annual Bornean Frog Race is back for the 5th year, this time at Lambir Hills National Park in Miri on April 30.

The Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and its partner, the Sarawak Forestry Corporation, urges all Malaysia Nature Society members, as well as the public to take part in the event.

Participation is limited to 100 and already half have been taken up.

The Bornean Frog Race aims to draw the public attention to the region’s rich amphibian fauna, and at the same time, targeting children for special education programmes on nature conservation and amphibian protection.

The race is celebrated on the last weekend of April since 2012 and four editions have been held. The event coincides with the annual ‘Save the Frogs Day’, a global event celebrated via 270 events in over 30 countries worldwide, to highlight conservation issues facing the world’s amphibians.

The event includes talks by local and foreign experts on amphibian biology and conservation, exhibition of frog-related memorabilia, workshops and frog photography and drawing and painting, both by leading experts in the region.

The finale of the event is a photographic race, whereby participants race along a pre-designated forest trail, and try to photograph the most number of frog species, the rarest frog or photographically capture the most aesthetic image, via DSLR, compact camera or smartphones.

For the most number of amphibian species found and rarest amphibian found categories, winner will take home RM1,000 and certificate each; while Best Photo via DSLR camera first to third place takes home RM1,000; RM500 and RM300 respectively plus certificate; for Compact Camera and Smartphone, winner takes home RM400 each plus certificate. For registration and payment details, visit

Registration fee includes a T-shirt (please specify size in advance), a bottle of drinking water, access to talks and photography workshops, and an exclusive Frog Race 2016 goody bag (that includes two books- ‘Frogs of Lambir Hills National Park’ and ‘Amphibian postmarks from around the world’, postcards, button badge, notebook, pen, programme/bookmark, regular sticker and car sticker). A Frog Race 2016 personalised stamp (from Pos Malaysia) on a postcard will be mailed to participants who leave their addresses with the organisers.

Those interested are to book their space immediately. For further details, visit