Monday, July 22

Mirians give the thumbs-up in support of festive events

The Mountain Wing Band wooing the crowd with their renditions of country music.

The Mountain Wing Band wooing the crowd with their renditions of country music.

MIRI: Efforts to organise various festivals including music in Miri City received the thumbs up from many, as they augur well and are in line with efforts to make Miri City a vibrant and preferred resort in the region.

In music, Miri City has three major festivals – Asia Music Festival, Borneo Jazz Festival and the Miri Country Music Festival (MCMF).

MCMF which is held today at Parkcity Everly Hotel, is organised by Planet Conventions and Events Sdn Bhd and endorsed by Miri City Council and supported by ParkCity Everly Hotel Miri, Sarawak Tourism Board, and music portal Rentak Sejuta and Selibriti On Line.

“The business community, especially welcomes festivals like this not only to boost business but also to promote Miri City to the outside world,” said Jee Mui Lan – proprietor of Ming Cafe, Miri that hosted the preview show for MCMF, on Thursday night.

President of the Dayak Bidayuh National Association, Miri branch Captain Bernard Idit concurred with Jee saying that Mirians welcomed events that help strengthen unity and racial harmony.

“Although the oil price is down and cost of living escalating, Mirians still maintain the spirit of unity and harmony. Thanks to all the exciting moment in events by MCC and others in boosting the tourism industry particularly with the annual country music festival and other events throughout the year,” he said.

MCC Mayor Lawrence Lai and advisor of MCMF, Gracie Geikie were among hundreds of people who packed the cafe for a glimpse of the festival.

The premier show which began at 9pm showcased Miri’s very own ‘The Mountain Wind Band’,‘Ruby Boots’ from Australia, 2Country4Nashville. Also performing was the cafe resident band – “Lepaklah’ which performed before and after the premier show.

There were also beer drinking competitions which offered winners free tickets to the festival.