Solve Tawau infrastructure problems – federation


TAWAU: The Federation of Chinese Associations here has strongly urged the government and the local council to plan ahead for a long-term solution to the water, power supply and road problems here once and for all without delay.

Its president, Major Datuk Yong Chi Fui, said they were very concerned about the incomplete three basic infrastructure (water, power and road) in Sabah resulting in hardship for the people for more than 10 years now.

He questioned the efficiency of the government in serving the people all these years until today. It was a non-political issue but a vital one as the livelihood of the people in Tawau was at stake.

“We see the politicians turning up for ‘talk shows’ whenever problems affecting the people’s livelihood occur but without follow-up action afterwards. Some of them may even look for excuses to put off solving the issue.

“We have two parliamentaries and six constituencies with eight parliamentary members and assemblymen. Have they brought up our ‘suffering’ to the highest authority and seek a long-term solution for them?” he asked.

According to Yong, the local municipal council is also responsible to focus and intervene in the problems of the three basic infrastructure here. He hoped this issue could be resolved for the convenience and comfort of the people here.

Yong also disclosed that The Federation of Chinese Associations will submit a memorandum about the three major issues to the members of parliament, assemblymen and the president of Tawau Municipal Council, Alijus Sipil, shortly.

Tawau is currently facing a shortage of water supply due to the prolonged drought. The state government has taken measures to relieve the problem, including providing water tankers to send water to the affected consumers. It is also considering cloud seeding.