MMS education fair offers personalised counselling


KUCHING: MMS education fair starts in Tawau, Sabah today.

MMS welcomes students and parents seeking personalised counselling from participating education providers.

After many highly successful education shows since 1987, MMS brings representatives and counsellors to towns in East Malaysia.

They not only focus on the main cities but organise fairs for educational institutions from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and USA to meet potential students.

As usual they will spend one day at each venue starting in Tawau today followed by Sandakan and Labuan. A travel day brings the fairs to Sibu, Bintulu and Miri, finishing the following weekend in Kuching and Sunday in Kota Kinabalu.

MMS Education Fair has been providing visitors with a wide range of courses and options locally and abroad from a host of renowned institutions.

This is the ideal platform for students to explore education and career options, and for educational institutions to inform visitors on the many study options available.

It is a one-stop education exhibition offering educational programmes ranging from pre-university, diploma, undergraduate, post-graduate as well as professional and vocational courses.

There will be opportunities to listen to topics of interest, and planning for the future is even more important with the economic uncertainty. Wise decisions should be considered.

Now is the time to consider where and when to pursue further education. There are opportunities for scholarships and the place to pursue their dream career.

The Fair gives the opportunity to talk to representatives from institutions of learning at Promenade Hotel in Tawau from 1pm to 5pm today, Sabah Hotel in Sandakan (1pm to 5pm tomorrow), Billion Waterfront Hotel in
Labuan (2pm to 5pm Monday), Tanahmas Hotel in Sibu (2pm to 5pm March 9), Promenade Hotel in Bintulu (2pm to 5pm Thursday), Imperial Hotel in Miri (2pm to 6pm Friday), Hilton Kuching in Kuching (12pm to 5pm Saturday) and Le Meridien KK in Kota Kinabalu (12pm to 5.30pm Sunday March 13).

For more information, visit Market Management Services Sdn Bhd (MMS) at Block E, No.32 (second floor), Taman Sri Sarawak Mall or call 082-246 795 / 012-808 9112 / 012-808 5112; MMS Sibu (084-324 178 / 016-857 7512), Smart Tuition Centre Bintulu (086-317 617/ 013-833 3230) or Angela Educational Services Miri (085-428 066 / 019-854 6850).

MMS Kota Kinabalu at 088-252 044 / 016-810 5250/088-222 799, Labuan at 016-833 8822, Sandakan at 089-212 721 / 013-883 1901,and Access International Marketing Tawau at 089-760 377 / 012-810 7378.