How to quickly recharge for work


THERE are times when you simply feel so sluggish and lethargic that you cannot even muster the energy to do your work properly. It is especially so after having a long break away from work.

Here are some ways to improve your spirits and boost your energy.
Change of environment

A change of environment does not mean changing jobs or leaving the company. It simply means to go away from your workstation for a while. For instance, you can walk to the pantry or even outside of your office for a while to catch a breath of fresh air.

By doing this, your mind will be taken off your work for a while. The fresh air and different atmosphere will help refresh your mind.
Examine your posture

When your sitting position is not right, such as if you are slouching or laying your arms flat on the table, you will naturally feel tired. Adjust your sitting position and sit upright.

When you are seated upright, your mind will naturally flow with positive thoughts, helping your body and mind to recharge swiftly.
Cut a lemon

This may seem a little odd but lemons have a refreshing smell. By cutting up a lemon, you let the lemon provide natural aromatherapy.

According to research, the smell of lemons can provide positive energy. Breathe in the refreshing smell of lemons to help stimulate the mind and uplift your spirits.
Drink lots of water

Does drinking coffee the entire day help to re-energise you perfectly? Not necessarily so. You actually need to drink more water than coffee as your body needs a lot of water to keep working.
Wash your face

When you are too tired, go ahead and wash your face. The water will help you to get rid of some of the sleepiness and make you feel more refreshed.
Catch up on sleep

You may suffer from a lack of sleep due to working overtime or being unable to sleep earlier. When that happens, you will feel tired, be slow in reacting and not have a clear mind.

Try to catch up on your sleep so that you can get out of this stage. If you really cannot sleep earlier at night, then try to get a quick nap during your lunch break.
Eat breakfast

No matter how busy you are or even if you are on a diet, you must have something for breakfast.

You need to feed your body in order to provide the source of energy for it to work for the rest of the day.

When you do not have enough food to keep you going, you will feel lethargic. Some individuals will even experience giddiness or headaches when they are hungry.

Although sleep is important, you can still spare a little time like waking up 10 to 15 minutes earlier to have breakfast.

Start the day right by having a good and nutritious meal.
Priscilla Hiu is a career guidance consultant of Gracia Management and a certified behavioural consultant of DISC Personality Profiling System, Institution of Motivation Living, USA and Extended DISC Personality Profiling System, Extended DISC Northgate.