Wednesday, August 10

Mayor wants shopping complexes to enhance cleanliness

From right, Yeo, Chin (third right), James and others pour EMAS down the manhole at Kinabalu Daya Hotel.

From right, Yeo, Chin (third right), James and others pour EMAS down the manhole at Kinabalu Daya Hotel.

KOTA KINABALU: Mayor Datuk Yeo Boon Hai has encouraged shopping complexes in the city to recycle and adopt the use of Effective Micro-organism Activated Solution (EMAS) to enhance the cleanliness of their premises.

Yeo said he would be calling for a meeting with shopping complexes to discuss improvements to the quality of cleanliness at the malls.

He said Datuk James Hwong, the proprietor of Karamunsing Complex, had successfully turned the complex into a recycling centre and eliminated foul smell with the use of EMAS.

“He (James) came up with the idea to lessen the use of energy, recycle waste in the complex and convert waste into water and environmental friendly by-products, making Karamunsing Complex a more effective, cleaner and happier environment.

“We know Karamunsing Complex is very successful (in recycling and use of EMAS). We hope other complexes will follow suit,”Yeo said after officiating at the launching of Kinabalu Daya Hotel’s new logo and opening of Inai Reflexology at the hotel here yesterday.

Kinabalu Daya Hotel has been recycling food waste for Bokashi composting as well as using converted rice-rinsed water to EMAS as a multipurpose cleaner.

In line with his vision to make Kota Kinabalu a clean, green and livable city, Yeo hoped that other complexes in the city would take up the challenge as had been done by Kinabalu Daya Hotel to contribute towards the environment.

Apart from Kinabalu Daya Hotel and Palace Hotel, Yeo said other hotels were also trying to improve their disposal systems.

“I will coordinate this matter in a meeting with the hotel association, tourism association and shopping complexes,”he said.

Yeo added that the City Hall would try to seek cooperation from all parties to resolve the cleanliness issues rather than through enforcement.

Meanwhile, Yeo said City Hall would step up its effort to promote awareness on cleanliness and health to 86 schools this year, an increase from 26 schools the year before.

Earlier in his speech, the mayor said he was inspired and proud by the commitment upheld by Kinabalu Daya Hotel management and its 52 local staff in keeping the environment green by emphasizing on the usage of non-chemical products and substituting it with Effective Micro-organism (EM) solutions, an environmental friendly product.

“I would like to congratulate Kinabalu Daya Hotel and all its team members for making the vision of raising the quality of service to another level possible.

“Do uphold the standard of service and that will bring a huge difference in the travel industry as Kinabalu Daya Hotel will be known as one of the best local brands in the near future,” he said.

Also present were Daya Hotel patron Datuk James Hwong, president Datin Mary Chin, managing director Julia Hwong and Sabah Hotels Association president Christopher Chan.