Monday, January 30

More than 10,000 supporters show their support to Entri

Entri meets his supporters on arrival at the function.

Entri meets his supporters on arrival at the function.

MIRI: Over 10,000 supporters of Marudi assemblyman Datuk Sylvester Entri came to the meet-the-people session with Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem in Beluru yesterday.

They urged the chief minister to re-nominate Entri as the BN candidate under ‘Team Adenan’ for Marudi seat.

Ketua Kaum (headman) Abdullah Piee said the Malays from Kampung Dagang, Narum, Perpindahan Marudi and Kampung Melayu, Bakong pledged their solid support to Entri.

He said Entri was worthy of re-nomination because of his sincerity to work for the people and to bring about much development, adding that Entri had always fulfilled his promises.

“We are coming to Beluru to show our full support for Entri as he walks the talk and we reject Datu Pengguang Manggil who only comes out now during election, “ he said.

Penghulu Kallang Ami meanwhile said the 173 headmen and community leaders in Marudi had come to Beluru to show their support to Entri and Adenan.

He said the six Penghulus were Sedu Gerang, Ela Bong, Nyandang, Patrick Ube, Randi and himself and Pemanca Enggah Muga.

The 800-strong Chinese community in Marudi led by Kho Thien Seng are also supporting Entri. They came to Beluru in dozens of 4WD vehicles to show their support.

Kho urged Adenan to retain Entri who had served the people well.

“We want Entri to be in ‘Team Adenan’ and the BN candidate for Marudi. We reject parachute candidate such as Penguang who is only seen these past few months.”

The longhouses folk who come to Beluru were from Ulu Teru, Teruking, Long Teru, Long Tisam, Long Jegan, Long Teran Kanan, Long Teran Kiri, Pengelayan, Asam Paya, Jegan, Beluru, Marudi , Nabor and also Marudi voters living in Miri.

Enggah meanwhile said Entri brought much development even to the remote community in Ulu Teru who now enjoyed electricity, road and joint-venture plantation.

He said the people benefited much from the government development projects.

TR Abong Jabu chipped in saying the people of Marudi wanted Entri to be the BN candidate for Marudi.

He said Entri was a humble person who was easily contacted and was always on the ground to meet the people.