Kapit challenged to produce more athletes

A participant leads the athletes in taking the oath.

A participant leads the athletes in taking the oath.

KAPIT: The Kapit Division has been challenged to produce more outstanding athletes.

Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi said Kapit should aim for more athletes to compete at state and national level.

“Sports is universally recognised as the agent to unite the people especially in Malaysia’s multiracial society. Sports is also important to deter students from involvement in vice activities,” he said when opening the Kapit Division School Sports Council meet yesterday.

“I congratulate the winner and to others, keep it up. You’re also a winner because you’re selected to represent your school to compete. Try harder to be better in future.”

The top athletes from the meet will represent Kapit at the state-level competition.

There will be 351 events during the three-day event.