Thursday, August 6

SVM made equivalent to spm with 3 credits


PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry has announced that the Sijil Vokasional Malaysia (SVM) is equivalent to a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia with three credits.

In a statement yesterday, Education director-general Datuk Seri Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof said the equivalent was for candidates who obtained the

academic Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) similar or better than 3.33, with credit in Bahasa Melayu SVM Code 1104 and the Vocational CGPA similar or better than 3.67 with competence in all vocational modules.

“Through the equivalent, Sijil Vokasional Malaysia students are eligible to further their studies to Diploma Vokasional Malaysia at Vocational Colleges, as well as obtain the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia to the highest level at Level 4.

“Apart from that, students are also eligible to continue their studies at public and private tertiary level using the SVM which had been given equivalent recognition.

“Students can also choose to improve their skills to a level higher via higher institutions of skills training,” he said.

Khair said the Vocational Education Transformation was one of the efforts to provide education opportunities to all. — Bernama