Wednesday, December 7

Linde EOX reaffirms its footprint in East Malaysia with RM33 milion investment


BINTULU: Linde EOX Sdn Bhd (LEOX), a subsidiary of Linde Malaysia Sdn Bhd, recently announced an investment of RM33 million in Tanjung Kidurong to build an air separation unit (ASU) producing approximately 33 tonnes per day of liquefied gases, in addition to its existing ASU in Kuching.

The new ASU, due to come on stream by 2017, will provide liquefied gases supply and related solutions to serve East Malaysia engineering, construction,  healthcare, chemical, metal processing, oil and gas industries.

The new plant is the latest in a series of investments in Linde EOX following the acquisition of Eastern Oxygen Industries Sdn Bhd’s (EOX) by Linde Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 2011. Prior investments relate to a nitrogen generator in Kuching and a cylinder refilling plant in Bintulu in 2014.

At a press event announcing the new investment, Ashley Mills, Managing Director of Linde Malaysia, said this is testimony to Linde’s intentions for long-term growth and development in East Malaysia.

“We are upbeat about the market growth in East Malaysia since the introduction of SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) where we have witnessed substantial in-flow of global and domestic investment in Sarawak.

“In line with the industrial growth, this ASU signifies the third major investment made by Linde in East Malaysia following the consolidation move with EOX, taking our total investment to-date to approximately RM50 million (EUR 11 million) ” said Ashley.

“As the leading industrial gases company in Malaysia, we are committed to strengthening our supply capabilities and service to better serve existing and new customers and will continue to invest strategically to expand our footprint in East Malaysia.”

The new ASU will be built leveraging The Linde Group’s engineering technical and design expertise. Linde’s world-leading technology in air separation design offers high energy efficiency and operational