Wong rubbishes claim UPP give voters money

Wong flanked by Lau (left) and Tiong at the press conference.

Wong flanked by Lau (left) and Tiong at the press conference.

SIBU: United People’s Party (UPP) offices here have been receiving many queries from the public on whether it is true that direct BN candidates who have resigned from UPP are giving out money to voters as they too want such money.

Dispelling such allegation, Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, who told reporters this at a press conference yesterday, however said he could not

tell for certain whether it was the work of members of the opposition.

“This allegation that we are giving out money to voters at our offices is troubling us. The allegation has been rife these

few days. Some had even claimed that so and so had received the money and informed others to better go to get it. This is very bad. So we would like to state categorically that there is no such payment from us,” he pointed out.

With him at the press conference were direct BN candidates for Dudong and Pelawan Datuk Tiong Thai King and Kapitan Datuk Janet Lau. Wong himself is the direct BN candidate for Bawang Assan.

On a related matter, Wong said they had been giving out funds under their Education Fund since last year.

“This we’ve been doing almost once a week throughout the state including Sibu, Kuching, Engkilli and Sri Aman. We’re still giving out funds for those who need help. We will continue to give help even after the state election.”

On the recent claim by former Dudong assemblyman Yap Hoi Liong that there were people who were paying RM2,000 for a vote, Wong rubbished it, saying he knew not what Yap was talking about.