BN man upset over wrong portrayal of him as a racist


SIBU: Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Nangka, Dr Annuar Rapaee has challenged an online news portal to prove that his recent speech contained elements that were offensive in nature.

Malaysiakini carried the news under the headline ‘Vote BN to keep Muslim CM, S’wak Muslims told’.

In a press conference here on Thursday night, Dr Annuar said what he uttered at a seminar previously had been twisted by one particular reporter.

“I’ve never made such a statement. I merely told those at the seminar that as Muslims in Sarawak, we should be thankful because other races were willing to support us because we had been fair to others, and we had been governing this country together well.

“Therefore, I urge Muslims to continue supporting Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem as chief minister.” He said what was published on Malaysiakini had wrongly portrayed him as a racist.

“Prove (it) via recording, that I said we must support a Muslim as a CM. This is rubbish, and don’t try to mislead the people by spinning facts.”

Dr Annuar also expressed regret that Malaysiakini had resorted to this kind of reporting, saying: “They must ‘train’ their reporters more.”

He recalled making clarifications to the Malaysiakini reporter when she asked him questions, but sadly the clarifications fell on deaf ears.

“I told her that only racists would see others as racists. As a result, what was explained was not published.”

Dr Annuar also clarified that he had never mentioned the name of the late Stephen Kalong Ningkan – the state’s first chief minister.

“I want her to prove via recording or some other evidence that I mentioned that name. If she couldn’t answer that, then all she had written is rubbish. I am very clear and fully conscious that I had never mentioned that name in my speech.”