Chong blasted for ‘quick response’ to Dr Annuar’s speech


SIBU: Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Semop, Abdullah Saidol has blasted state DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen for his quick response to a statement made by Dr Annuar Rapaee, implying that PBB is becoming more like Umno.

“Chong’s quick response to Dr Annuar’s speech is obviously based on the twisted information reported by an unscrupulous reporter.

“Chong’s allegation is just another hollow attempt to demonise PBB image, in the hope of hiding DAP’s true colours of a political party synonymous with campaigns that promote hatred, extremism, racism and confrontation,” Abdullah said on Friday.

He was reacting to Chong’s statement that PBB was ‘turning into’ Umno despite the insistence of the Sarawak-based party that it would not let the peninsula-based Umno set up any branch in the state.

Online news portal FMT quoted Chong as saying that in response to a call by Dr Annuar – the BN candidate for Nangka – for Muslims here to vote BN in the state election so that a Muslim leader could continue leading the state government. The report was carried by Malaysiakini.

Chong reportedly said although Umno was physically not in Sarawak, the thinking, extremism and racism were already here – all of which were absolutely not the types of politics that Sarawak deserved.

Abdullah said: “DAP has a long history of practising political culture of extreme chauvinism. Some of their founding leaders are still actively going around with a thick face.

“They can’t hide the turbulent relationship within the so-called Pakatan Harapan. Many hardcore PKR supporters openly show their frustration with DAP for its supercilious attitude.”

He also said PAS had known that long time ago and stayed away.

Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) is just a ‘Bumiputera’ wing of DAP to attract Bumiputeras’ support, he said.

“Those chosen by Amanah or dominantly decided by DAP to contest in certain Bumiputera-majority constituencies are very much on a political suicidal mission. DAP definitely knows that and does not care.

“DAP must be taught a lesson by Sarawakians, especially by the Bumiputeras. DAP’s political extreme manipulation doesn’t work any more and Sarawakians despise such political campaign,” Abdullah said.