‘Entry ban to safeguard state, people’

Tan (second left) presenting the cheque to representatives from Kuching Hindu Youth Organisation. Dr Sim is at right while at left is Tan.

Tan (second left) presenting the cheque to representatives from Kuching Hindu Youth Organisation. Dr Sim is at right while at left is Tan.

KUCHING: SUPP president Senator Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hiang reiterates that Sarawak is only exercising its rights under the Malaysia Agreement and safeguarding its people and territory when it denies entry to certain people under its immigration autonomy.

Sarawak does not deny entry to only opposition leaders but to all those who come and disturb the peace and harmony of our society, regardless of party affiliation.

“To those people who are claiming that we are abusing our rights in order to win the election, I say it is not logical because we all know this will not guarantee anybody’s victory.”

Sarawak has, over the past couple of weeks barred several political figures from the DAP and PKR and even an Umno leader and blogger from entering the state.

Meanwhile, Dr Sim said it is vital to have a fair and balanced racial representation in the state government.

“Towards this end, we need to ensure that we have enough Chinese representation within the state legislative assembly, so as to ensure that the interests of the Chinese community will not be compromised and forgotten in the state policy making process.

“No doubt that SUPP is a multi-racial party, but at this moment, there is a serious lack of Chinese representation in the state government. SUPP wants to play a meaningful role in the State Legislative Assembly and we want our voters’ voices to be heard, loud and clear,” he said during a press conference held at SUPP headquarters here yesterday.

“However, we can only do so if we have the mandate of the people for us to protect the interests of all our communities. We want to ensure that no one is being left behind.

“Sarawak is the first state in the country that recognises the UEC qualification and this shows that with a strong state government we can fight for what we want. We must strongly support our Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem for he has laid the foundation for policies which are friendly and beneficial to the Chinese.”

Dr Sim also said that SUPP would cooperate with and support all direct BN candidates.

“Our mission now is to make sure that we have meaningful Chinese representation in the state government after the election.

“When SUPP is in the government, we will be able to work towards bringing economic progress and more infrastructure development to the people and our community,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Sim presented his annual senate grant to 40 non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Also present were SUPP deputy secretary-general Tan Joo Phoi and BN-SUPP candidate for Kota Sentosa, Wilfred Yap.