Land for young generation to inherit — Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim presenting a cheque of compensation to one of the recipients. Also seen are Aidel (left), Rubiah (third left) and Idris (right).

Abdul Karim presenting a cheque of compensation to one of the recipients. Also seen are Aidel (left), Rubiah (third left) and Idris (right).

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Land owners should treat their land as their main asset and wealth to be passed from generation to generation, said former Housing Assistant Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah yesterday.

He also said land owners should use their land to the optimum.

As land is their main asset and wealth, he said the land must be kept for the younger generation to inherit, and not be sold as their prices would increase with development in the area.

“Think of your children’s future before you plan to sell your land. Your land is your main asset.

“I urge recipients of land titles to take proper care of their land titles as they are priceless assets,” he told hundreds of recipients for traditional village land titles and Village Extension Scheme compensations.

A total of 553 land ownership titles for Kampung Nakong, Kampung Tanjung Tuang, Kampung Niup, Kampung Tambey, and Kampung Pinang, were given out under Section 18 of the State Land Code.

As for compensation for Villages Extension Scheme, a total of RM9,686,351 was given out to 94 recipients from Kampung Jemukan, Kampung Sadong Jaya and Kampung Tanjung Parang.

Seventeen of the recipients were from Kampung Sindang for drainage improvement projects.

Explaining on Section 18, Abdul Karim said what was special about this section is the land owners do no need to pay any survey fee or premium and land tax and ownership is forever, that is perpetuity, unless land owners sell their land to others.

Giving land titles to traditional villages through the Land Survey Department is an on-going process whether election or not, he added.

Explaining the concept of the scheme, he said it was to overcome overcrowding, adding the land surrounding the villages would be given lots and compensation paid.

“In many instances, four to five families are living in one house. The scheme is important for villagers with extended family members. Extended families may want to stay around the traditional villages and the scheme enables them to build houses that are more organised and safe,” he said.

For compensation recipients, he gave his advice to invest their money in ‘Amanah Saham Bumputera’ to earn dividends, or to invest in buying more land for their own benefit in future.

“Make the best use of the money you receive, do not spend anyhow like buying unnecessary things just to compete with your neighbours,” he said.

Kota Samarahan MP Rubiah Wang, Samarahan Land and Survey superintendent Rozlan Putit, BN Sadong Jaya candidate Aidel Lariwoo and BN candidate for Muara Tuang Datuk Idris Buang were among those present.