The election is over, it is time to close ranks


The general feeling before yesterday’s polling was that it would not be an exercise to decide who would govern Sarawak for the next five year but to determine how many opposition candidates would make it to the State Legislative Assembly.

As expected Barisan Nasional won the election but it turned out to be tougher fight than many anticipated. Another surprising factor was the low voter turnout especially in urban areas – was it because many felt the outcome of this election was a fait accompli and did not feel their vote would make any difference?

There will be time enough to analyse the outcome of the 11th state election but what matters most now is Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem has been given the five years he has been asking for from the voters to fulfil his 53 initiatives for the state.

Adenan’s mission deserves the support of all of us regardless of political affiliation, race or creed because what he is fighting for is for Sarawak not Barisan Nasional or himself. Everyone including the opposition has a role to play in ensuring he succeeds in what he sets out to do.

The opposition must play its role as a responsible and sincere check and balance force in the Legislative Assembly while the government backbenchers must live up to their promises made in their campaign.

The chief minister cannot be encumbered by internal bickering and unconstructive criticism as he is racing against time to achieve what he vowed to do for the Sarawak.

Five years is a very short time and although he had a head start in his two years at the helm before the polls Adenan will have to get cracking immediately.

Crucially Adenan needs to assemble his team immediately – apparently he already has an idea of who he wants in his cabinet as he had said a vote for him is a vote for his team.

His situation in the last two years was like a manager of a professional football team who took over midway through the season and having to work with the players assembled by his predecessor.

Now that he is given the mandate to choose his own team let us all pray that he will put the right player in the right position. Without a strong team to back him up Adenan would not be able to accomplish in the herculean task ahead of him.

All Sarawakians should wish him all the best in the next five years – his success will also be our success.