Don’t treat rivers as dumpsites, urges DID

Pumps at the pump house near Kingwood Hotel.

Pumps at the pump house near Kingwood Hotel.

SIBU: The floating wastes at the pump house opposite Sibu Central Market are not only an eyesore but can damage the pumps if they get trapped inside.

The wastes discarded into the Lembangan River include empty plastic bottles, plastic bags and small tree branches.

Department of Drainage and Irrigation (DID) divisional engineer Ting Sing Kwong said they had to clear the floating wastes almost daily.

“If plastic bags flow to and get trapped inside the pumps, it can damage it.

“Further, they will prevent the smooth flow of water into the pumps, thus disrupting pumping operations,” Ting told The Borneo Post yesterday,

adding that there were five pumps at this station to drain excess water.

Ting said the pump house near Kingwood Hotel faced fewer problems. Other pump houses here are at Lanang Camp, Alan Road and Ek Dee Road.

Turning to the public, he urged them not to throw rubbish into the river.

“Besides causing damage to the pumps, it dirties the river, too.”

On another matter, Ting cautioned that a King tide measuring one meter was expected this week.

“After Gawai Dayak, the king tide is expected to be higher, at 1.2 meters.”