Saturday, October 1

Technology to continue driving Malaysia’s job market


KUCHING: Despite the downturn within Malaysia’s oil & gas and manufacturing sectors, job advertising saw a surprise rebound this quarter from other key growth areas of technology, sales and marketing.

Based on Robert Walter’s Asia Job Index 1Q 2016, these sectors have been driven by the popularity of e-commerce and consumerism, opening opportunities for skilled professionals.

In particular, digital marketing has continued its upward trend and in turn created positions for the technology infrastructure required to run these marketing activities.

In addition, the strategic move by multinational corporations to hub global procurement functions in Malaysia has driven the demand for professionals skilled in supply chain and logistics The report noted that the merchandising and purchasing sector saw a strong 56 per cent hike in tandem with the growth of e-commerce.

These professionals are required for firms seeking stronger digital capabilities as they implement more creative and interactive online footprints.

Companies built their internal talent acquisition teams in order to support the large number of businesses entering and expanding within Malaysia.

This drove job advertising in HR up 36 per cent.

The traditionally strong legal and compliance sector experienced a further 26 per cent increase in job advertising as organisations outside of banking such as commerce and technology saw a growing need for strengthening internal controls.

The technology sector’s focus on information security has driven the demand for cyber security and data protection services in Malaysia.