Saturday, January 28

Special five-day treat for local coffee aficionados at Spring from June 1

Chef Liew’s delicate Earl Grey Lavender Macaroons pairs nicely with Hew’s Yin Yang.

Chef Liew’s delicate Earl Grey Lavender Macaroons pairs nicely with Hew’s Yin Yang.

KUCHING: Madeleine Café & Patisserie at tHe Spring is holding its five-day ‘Coffee Week: When Old Meets New’ beginning tomorrow (June 1).

The daily session runs from 10am to 10pm, while the one on Saturday will be from 10am to midnight.

There will be three coffee drinks paired with three desserts, prepared exclusively for the programme — one that all local coffee lovers should not miss.

The ‘Coffee Week’ will feature experts in their own ‘coffee fields’ — Sibu-born Sim Mui Hock and Singaporean Iris Hew.

Sim own a shop that has been roasting and selling fresh coffee beans for over 50 years. He is a well-respected man among the Sibu townsfolk and despite already in his 80s, he shows no sign of slowing down.

“The young people of today are looking for greener pastures. So I’m not sure if there’d be anyone who would be interested in continuing my business. I sure hope so.”

Sim still roasts coffee using his decades-old, wood-fired mechanism. It is obviously hard work, but it remains the key to the unique and rustic taste of his coffee beans that has made his business so popular.

Meanwhile, Hew — a professional barista in her 20s — possesses nearly five years of experience and training under her belt, including participation in several competitions.

She is currently attached to the Les Amis Group of Restaurants. The young and outgoing individual is very passionate about coffee and life itself. Currently, Hew is traveling acorss Southeast Asia to seek new experiences and inspirations.

During the ‘Coffee Week’, customers can sample Brazilian Arabica coffee, of which the beans are freshly and specially roasted by Sim, and the beverage brewed by Hew.

It may seem odd that Hew would be using Sim’s coffee beans, which are prepared in the traditional Malaysian way, but the barista strives to incorporate them into her Italian espresso-based beverages and a few of her original concoctions.

In celebration of this collaboration, Chef Liew San Lun of Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie will be preparing special cakes, pastries and desserts to complement Hew’s original coffee creations.

Examples include the Earl Grey Lavender Macaroons paired with ‘Yin Yang’, Orange Chocolate Tarts with Orange Mocha, and Chef Liew’s original sweet creation ‘Snickers Bar’ Iced Hazelnut Mocha.

Madeleine Café & Patisserie is located on the ground floor at East Entrance of the mall.