Wednesday, December 1

Shell continues to study recent gas discoveries


KUCHING: There have been a total of 10 gas discoveries by Shell and partners in Sarawak in the past 24 months, all of which are still under study.

According to Shell Global Solutions Malaysia, Projects and Technology managing director Simon Ong, over the past few years, Shell and its partners have made quite a few discoveries, mainly in gas offshore Sarawak – some of which are quite significant in volumes.

“We have a very active exploration program, we have one of the biggest exploration expenditure in this country about US$100 million per year, in the last last few years.

“We have made significant discoveries, both us and our partners, made a lot of discoveries, predominantly in the Sarawak side. But, we also have plans to look into Sabah,” Ong said during a press conference on the Malikai Sail Away Milestone over the weekend.

Including Sabah, there have been a total of 11 discoveries made by Shell with its partners in the region during the aformentioned period.

Under the Shell operated discoveries, there have been two in Sarawak and one in Sabah. Meanwhile, there are eight discoveries in blocks offshore Sarawak whereby Shell has equity in but did not make the discovery themselves.

“Altogether, it is quite a lot of gas in that region and each one of us is taking our time to make sure that we study (them) properly.”