Monday, August 10

Manyin: Middle class crucial for Bidayuh

Dr Ahi presenting a souvenir to Manyin as (from right) Dr Ambrose and Ik Pahon look on.

Dr Ahi presenting a souvenir to Manyin as (from right) Dr Ambrose and Ik Pahon look on.

KUCHING: The Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) and Bidayuh Graduates Association (BGA) are told to create a middle class Bidayuh to become more competitive and marketable.

In making the call, DBNA chief advisor Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong said both organisations must chart and design quality programmes in creating a middle-class community through education.

“Both DBNA and BGA must sit down and strive to create a middle class among the community (Bidayuh) and this can be done through education, especially in the rural areas to provide quality among our community,” Manyin said yesterday when opening BGA 4th triennial general meeting at DBNA headquarters, here.

Manyin, who is Minister of Youth, Sports and Solidarity, said only through proper education could the Bidayuh progress and become middle class. Being connected with road networks and enjoying water and electricity supply, Manyin said the community should make full use of the facilities to improve themselves.

He pointed out that BGA members, whom he described as being fortunate for having good education, must not be individualistic in terms of education, but should help the community in the rural areas.

“We must not think only of ourselves, but the community as a whole, and BGA and DBNA must emphasise and focus on education to help the community” he stressed.

Manyin said he was glad to note that the community has progressed in education compared to 20 or 30 years back, but added that there was still more to be done.

In this respect, he called on BGA and DBNA to build a good network, especially in the field of education. Manyin also called on the Bidayuh to develop their land for commercial purposes and other agricultural crops.

According to him, the Bidayuh was still lagging behind the Iban in developing their idle land for oil palm and pepper. DBNA president Datu Ik Pahon Joyik, BGA president Prof Dr Ahi Sarok and BGA treasurer Dr Ambrose Bango were among those present.