Thursday, August 18

AirAsia adamant on klia2 being LCCT2


SEPANG: AirAsia is adamant on using the word ‘LCCT2’ when referring to klia2, the new budget passenger terminal, and for Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) to acknowledge the low cost carrier’s role as the biggest tenant at the airport.

Chief executive officer Aireen Omar said as in the group’s campaign launched a fortnight ago, AirAsia would be stating klia2 as LCCT2 on its websites, tickets and promotional materials soon.

“We will bear all the costs for the rebranding of the airport, and the campaign (to acknowledge klia2 as LCCT2) may continue forever,” she told a media conference here yesterday.

Airing the group’s frustration over the airport’s design, Aireen said AirAsia was not included when the plan was made and eventually the airport did not meet its requirements even though the airline accounts for 98 per cent of the operations at klia2.

“Every day we are facing the same issues – cracks, sinking airport, water ponding in the runway – and it’s also very hard for us to have a meeting with MAHB,” she added.

On another issue, she said the group is also annoyed by the construction works at its current headquarters at the former Low Cost Carrier Terminal here.

AirAsia is expected to move into its new headquarters in klia2 this October.

“They decided to start construction to build the logistics terminal here, and it’s giving us difficulties and annoying people, without respecting us, as we still pay for the tenancy here,” she added.

“It wasn’t our full fault (that we) couldn’t build our headquarters in time as the plan for the airport was changed from its original and then they allowed us to stay here until our new headquarters are completed,” she said.

Aireen also stressed the fact that klia2 had recently lost its position as the world’s largest low cost carrier hub to Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport.

“Studies have also shown that over 60 per cent of the air travel capacity in this region comes from low cost carriers, so you shouldn’t be denying it (the role of AirAsia).

“If we move to another airport what should the LCCT2 be?” she said. — Bernama