Slapped in road rage for slow driving in lane


SIBU: A road bully slapped and threatened a man for slow driving in a lane when he was returning home from shopping at Pahlawan Road on Sunday evening.

The ugly incident at 6pm occurred as the man in his 60s was driving through a narrow lane with his wife and daughter-in-law in the car.

There were other cars in front on the lane, so the man was following the crawl.

He was startled when the driver behind kept honking.

He then pulled up on the side to let the impatient driver through but instead of going past, he stopped beside his car.

The irate driver got down, walked over and accosted him to get out.

The man did not dare but rolled down his window.

The road bully then smacked him for the irritation of ‘driving slow’ and uttered: “If you want to play, I play with you. I got a parang in my car.”

The son of the victim later took him to the station to lodge a police report on the road rage.