Education awareness programme for Lun Bawang youth

A group photo of the participants at the Education Awareness Programme for Lun Bawang youths.

A group photo of the participants at the Education Awareness Programme for Lun Bawang youths.

KUCHING: The Sarawak Lun Bawang Association, Kuching Branch in collaboration with its Lawas counterpart organised an Education Awareness Programme for Lun Bawang youths at a hotel in Lawas recently.

In a press release, organising chairperson Prof Dr Kasing Apun said the programme emphasised the importance of education for a better future among the Lun Bawang community so as to move in tandem with the progress of other communities in Sarawak.

The majority of Lun Bawang still reside in rural areas and their children attend schools in rural or suburban areas with limited exposure to information on opportunities available for higher education or in the skills sector, she explained.

“Taking into account that disparity exists between rural and urban schools, this programme aims to provide awareness on opportunities currently available so students can make the right choice in pursuing higher education at institutions of higher learning or institutions offering skill courses.

“In the long run, it is hope that every Lun Bawang youth will have tertiary education – thus, reducing inequalities in academic achievement among communities and subsequently increasing the number of Lun Bawang professionals and skilled workers.”

The programme consisted of the Engine Management System (EMS) Seminar cum Workshop and the Education and Career Guidance Seminar.

The objectives of the EMS seminar was to enhance knowledge and hands-on skills for the professional servicing and maintenance of vehicles, as well as to inculcate the interest among Lun Bawang youths so they can turn motor repairs or maintenance into a possible source of income.

The workshop was facilitated by Institute Kemahiran Malaysia (IKM) Kuching senior lecturer Joseph Beron.

Meanwhile, over 100 participants attended the Education and Career Guidance seminar which targeted Form 4 to 6 students as well as school leavers, parents and teachers.

Representatives from various institutions spoke on courses and facilities their respective institution could offer while Kasing presented a motivational talk.

Participating institutions included Yayasan Sarawak, Centre of Technical Excellence (Centexs), IKM, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) and Lincoln University College.

During the event, Yayasan Sarawak education development and sponsorship deputy director Ellen@Manium Engang presented a cheque to the association.

The programme was also supported and sponsored by Petronas, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Shin Yang, Tecktonic & Sons Holdings Sdn Bhd, Samling Group of Companies, Ba Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian, SSB Energy Sdn Bhd and Juru Perunding Edira Sdn Bhd.

“Through this programme, we hope that we have made a small contribution to the Lun Bawang community in Lawas so their children can now make an informed decision and the right choice in pursuing their education and career,” Kasing said.