Saturday, September 23

Student robbed at bus stop


KUCHING: What was supposed to have been a student’s first time taking the bus home from school proved an  unforgettable experience when he was robbed by two strangers yesterday afternoon.

The 15-year-old boy was waiting at a bus stop near his school along Jalan Tun Jugah around 1.50pm when two men threatened him with a pair of scissors into surrendering his wallet and mobile phone.

He said he had earlier spotted the pair trying to chat up a female student waiting at the same bus stop but paid no attention to them until they approached him.

His father, who accompanied him to the police station to lodge a report, said he normally fetched his son home from school but was unable to do so yesterday as his car was undergoing repair at a workshop following a road accident.

“This was supposed to have been my son’s first time taking the bus home due to unforeseen circumstances, but

ended with him being robbed,” said the father, who nevertheless expressed his relief that his son was not harmed by the robbers.

Police are investigating the case.