Wednesday, July 24

Riot encourages Bidayuh children to be enrolled in technical schools

Riot hitting the gong to launch the programme at SK Payau.

Riot hitting the gong to launch the programme at SK Payau.

SERIAN: Minister of Human Resources Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem is concerned that many Bidayuh parents are reluctant to enrol their children in technical education institutions.

He said parents should be aware that it is not the end for their children and the future would be gloomy if they are not accepted into institutions of high learning.

“Form 5 and 6 school leavers who are not accepted into universities, they can opt to further their studies in vocational and technical institutions throughout the country,” he said during a leader-meets-the-people event in Kampung Payau Achau near here on Saturday night.

He said skilled workers are highly demanded in today’s job market and they are highly paid, with some receiving higher pay than engineers and accountants.

Riot took pride in the Bidayuh community, particularly the youth, for being fast learners and hardworking as proven in the construction industry but lamented that they do not have the required qualification to prove their value in the work market.

“These are the issues that we are addressing. I have sought an agreement with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to get the academic entry requirement for these colleges lowered so that they can obtain a certificate or diploma.

“I can assure you that a lot companies are eager to employ skilled workers,” he said.

He said for Malaysia to become a high-income nation, it must have at least 40 per cent of its workforce under the skilled category.

During the event, Riot announced a grant of RM20,000 to SK Payau Teacher-Parent Association (PTA) to construct a multipurpose hall for the school.

Among those present were political secretary to the Human Resources Minister Major (R) Peter Runin and Tededu district officer Raymond Achen.