Wednesday, June 26

Maintain integrity of native languages, races – Ewon

 Ewon (front, second left) and the delegation listening intensely to a briefing on the manufacturing of organic fertilizer.

Ewon (front, second left) and the delegation listening intensely to a briefing on the manufacturing of organic fertilizer.

RANAU: Ranau Member of Parliament and United Sabah Dusun Association (USDA) president Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin has called on all native communities to maintain the integrity of their respective language and race from extinction.

To realize this goal, all communities should use or integrate their native language in any event in their villages to showcase their race.

According to him, recognition from other communities can only be achieved through the use of their respective native language and if the importance of mother tongue utilization is continuously ignored, any race would undoubtedly become extinct.

Ewon also called for the natives not to allow the change of their racial name such as the proposal to use the Momogun language.

He said the use of Momogun language only pollutes the race and should not be established because the natives have a particular race that had been used for centuries.

That is the reason associations such as USDA, Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) and others no longer support the use of Momogun language in the official government forms, Ewon stressed.

He said this at the SIB Church Hall during a meet with leaders of the Sagindai Village, which is located 30km from town.

Earlier on in Nawanon, during a joint ceremony with the Nawanon, Kantas, Pugi and Kieyip people, Ewon also touched on the recent 2017 budget.

He said the budget is focused more on rural development, where the agriculture development of the four village will be prioritized and a request will be sent to Sabah Rubber Industry Board (LIGS) to increase the rubber planting in groups, which had proven to have the potential of being the source of income for the folks in the villages.

Ewon pledged to ask the federal government to increase the construction of Hardcore Poor Housing Project (PPRT) in Sabah, in particular Ranau, as the number of population had more eligible candidates compared to Semenanjung Malaysia.

On the application for Klinik Kesihatan (health clinics) in the four villages, Ewon hoped Parliament will select the villages as part of the listed construction sites for the national health clinic plan this week.

Ewon also approved the allocation for kitchen equipment for the Nawanon community hall and promised to extend a provision for the expansion of the SIB Church in Sagindai Baru Village.

Also at the ceremony were Parliamentary Liaison Chief Officer Johnny Samin and Parliamentary Special Officer Japirin Sahadi as well as government officers and local leaders.