Tuesday, February 7

Government urged to freeze controversial Kaiduan Dam project


KOTA KINABALU: The state government along with the Government Backbenchers have been urged to support the motion to freeze the controversial Kota Kinabalu Water Supply Phase II – Kaiduan Dam project with immediate effect due to investigations on Sabah Water Department’s (SWD) alleged corruption scandal.

Moyog Assemblymen Terrence Siambun submitted a motion to freeze the study on Kaiduan Dam and possibly, scrap the mega project last Tuesday along with another motion to bar the

entry of Redshirts Group leader, Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos into Sabah.

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Council (MACC) remanded both the former SWD Director and his deputy as well as many SWD top officers statewide on the shocking RM3.3 billion scandal last month.

Siambun said the motion was raised in accordance with the on-going investigation by MACC on the scandal beleaguered SWD whose officials may have influenced the Sabah Water Resources Council (SWRC) to come up with the Kaiduan Dam proposal.

“The BN led government must come clean on this mega project. The integrity of this devastating project raises concerns among the people of Sabah. The then director and his deputy played a major role within SWRC in recommending Kaiduan Dam as the only solution to solve the so called water crisis which was stressed and echoed repeatedly by the Infrastructure and Development Minister, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin both in public and at the State Assembly,” Siambun pointed out.

The Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) treasurer added that Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman must lead by example by supporting this motion. Musa should not allow the Institute Development of Studies (IDS) to proceed with their study on Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Special Environment Impact Assessment (SEIA).

Kaiduan Dam must be stopped pending the MACC investigation. The state government’s integrity must  be questioned should they  allow the study to proceed.

Though the MACC investigation is merely on the officers, members of the public are looking at the bigger picture whether any government officers were actually involved in the scandal or not.

“Musa and Pairin must give good impression to Sabahans by supporting the motion. It’s for the sakes of themselves, the government and Sabahans as whole. Big question mark would arise if they did not support the motion. Bear in mind, the mega dam project is worth RM2.6 billion as mentioned in 2009.

That was seven years ago when most of the construction materials were 10-20 per cent cheaper than the current price,” said Siambun.

Siambun had earlier challenged the six United PasokMomogun KadazanDusun Organisation (UPKO) peoples’ representatives and other BN assemblymen to support his motion following UPKO secretary, Datuk Donald Mojuntin’s proposal that Kaiduan Dam is not the only solution to overcome water shortage.

“If they don’t, then it is strong evidence that UPKO is playing politics and only using the Kaiduan Dam as a platform to seek support from the Penampang people in covering up their initial stand to support the dam to proceed its construction.

“We should not apply political games in this matter. The concern is on the integrity in every each mega project approved by the government, be it the state or federal,” Siambun stressed.