Friday, August 19

Disabled man desperately needs new wheelchair and monthly sponsors

Christopher shows Wan how he trims his own hair.

Christopher shows Wan how he trims his own hair.

KUCHING: A disabled man who urgently needs help has turned to Hope Place Kuching in the hope of finding a solution for his predicaments.

Christopher Bandi, 33, who is single, became paralysed and unable to work following an accident in April 2011.

A medical team from Sentosa Hospital visits him every two months to give him medication.

Christopher, who stays alone, grew up without a mother while his father passed away in 1997.

Now his only income is RM200 from the Welfare Department (JKM) monthly.

However, according to him, he does not receive this assistance every month.

He has no one to take care of him and since last year, he has also suffered from bed sores.

He was sent to Sarawak General Hospital before getting transferred to Serian Hospital.

After Christopher was discharged, he was not allowed to stay in the hospital but told to visit daily to get his dressings changed.

Unfortunately, as he does not have transport, he cannot do so.

He has tried using taxi services to go to the hospital which cost him RM40 per trip.

As it is, he cannot survive with the money he has.

Every month, Christopher needs to pay his neighbour RM30 for electricity while his water supply is sourced free from a nearby mountain.

Whenever he wants to buy something, he will write his request on paper and pass it to his neighbour with some money.

He also trims his hair by himself.

He has a wheelchair but it is not in good condition.

Doctors have advised him to drink special milk like Appeton Wellness for wound recovery and Ensure milk due to lack of nutrition.

But he cannot afford to buy the items.

He also needs adult diapers.

A Sentosa Hospital social worker recently brought Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan to visit Christopher who hopes that through publicity, some kind individuals can help him.

Christopher needs a special wheelchair which costs more than RM1,000 as well as monthly sponsors for Appeton Wellness milk, Ensure milk and M-size adult diapers.

On a related matter, Hope Place is also looking for donations as it is still short of children’s diapers (size XXL) and milk powder (Ensure, Enercal, Appenton, Nestle Nutren Diabetik and Sustagen 6+ (vanilla) brands) which will be distributed to disabled and elderly individuals.

For food items, the organisation is short of 150 packs of Milo powder (1kg), 150 boxes of biscuits, 80 bottles of cooking oil and 150 boxes of instant noodles.

Hope Place is a volunteer organisation which delivers donations of essential items such as food to 160 needy and underprivileged individuals and families every two months.

For more information, call Hope Place’s hot line at 013-5672775 or office at 082-683378 from 8.30am-12pm and 2pm-5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

For those wishing to donate cash or online, please send donations to Persatuan Kebajikan Harapan Kuching (Maybank account no. 5112-8900-1160).