Sunday, January 23

Perlis NGO alliance wants Malaysia to press Myanmar to stop atrocities against Rohingya


ARAU: The Perlis Alliance of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) wants Malaysia to continue pressing Myanmar to stop atrocities against the Rohingya.

Peneraju Perundingan Melayu Malaysia Council member Shahbudin Embun desribed as irrelevant, calls from some quarters for the Malaysian government to cut diplomatic ties with Myanmar.

“The main problem in Myanmar involves humanitarian issues such as oppression and not related to trade and economy. The atrocities must stop because all religions are against killing,” he told reporters after a rally to protest the killing of Rohingya at Masjid Negeri Arau, here, yesterday.

Meanwhile, Perlis Entrepreneur and Tourism Club chairman Dr Ammar Hassan  hopes the government would provide education for Rohingya refugees here.

“We hope the government and other countries can provide assistance in education to the oppressed Rohingya Muslims,” he added. — Bernama