Tuesday, April 23

Pandaruan River is crocodile-infested


LIMBANG: Pandaruan River is crocodile-infested and the number, according to a local fisherman, is increasing, and are threatening humans.

Sunting Pasang, 74, said he frequently encountered baby crocodiles caught in his fishing net.

“It is normal seeing baby crocodiles entangled in my fishing net each time I checked my net to see if there were fish caught in the net.

“Sometimes, I released them into the river and other times I took them for public viewing at the market here but later released them into the river,” he said yesterday.

He added that in the beginning many people were surprised to see the baby crocodiles being brought to the market. Now, they were so used seeing him bringing them around for educational purposes.

Sunting said besides the baby crocodiles, he too fequently spotted adult crocodiles in the river and also those that were caught in his net.