Tuesday, April 23

The second phase of foreign workers license to be introduced


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: The Second Phase of Foreign Workers License (LPA) under The Labour Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs will start January 1, 2017. This phase will focus on application for getting additional licence to bring in foreign workers, Brudirect reported.

Supporting the nation’s hope to create a pro-business environment and a more organised and safer management of foreign workers in the country for the purpose of safeguarding national interest, the First Phase of the LPA which was introduced in October 1, 2016 only covered application for new licenses .

The new system incorporates the previous separate processes of acquiring foreign workers licence (labour quota) and obtaining work pass recommendation (BUR500/555) into one.

Its aim is to provide efficient and high-quality services to the public and to ease employers in dealing with the procedures at the Labour Department.

Since implementation, its achievement in meeting the Client’s Charter (TPOR) has been commendable and the process gained positive feedback from applicants, supporting the nation’s aspiration to better the Ease of Doing Business.

Before submitting application for new Foreign Workers Licence, the employer is required to meet these requirements:

1) The employer has to register and advertise the position at Brunei’s Job Centre, include a list of local workers printed from e-Amanah system at Employees Trust Fund (TAP), and attach a supporting letter or verification document from relevant government agencies.

2) Employers and the public who wish to make an application for additional licence may fill in the special form which can be obtained from Counter 6 at the Labour Department or at the foyer of the ground floor of the Labour Department building or at the department’s branches in the other districts.

They can also download the form from Labour Department website www.labour.gov.bn.

3) Applicants must complete the form (two copies) along with other relevant documents such as a copy of identity card/passport for all applicants/ owners; details about the company’s partners; valid copy of passport of foreign workers to be recruited; a certified copy of the registration form X/section 16 & 17 (Company Registration); and a copy of certificate showing the posts and required qualification (for the post of driver, a copy of driving licence and blue card of the vehicle are needed).

4) Other documents needed include a copy of tenancy agreement for office/business place/ factory/workers’ residence, a copy of a receipt of employee and employers census 2016.

5) For construction activities, employers should furnish details of the project that will be or is being carried out, a copy of Representative Card for Representative of Employment Agency that manages the application, a copy of licence for foreign worker recruitment (quota), and a copy of a valid BUR500/555 form.

6) Employers are also required to fill in the Foreign Workers Licence form for every guaranteed foreign worker. The Labour Department informed that the third phase of the LPA for submitting application to renew licence and change in contract will start from April 1, 2017.

For further details on the application process for Foreign Workers Licence, employers and stakeholders can log on to the Labour Department website www.labour.gov.bn or its Facebook page ( Jabatan Buruh) or Instagram (labour.brunei), or directly visit the foyer at the ground floor of the Labour Department building in Jalan Dewan Majlis or its branches in the other districts.