Tuesday, August 4

Adenan’s demise received with sadness in Kapit


KAPIT: When news on the passing away of our ever popular Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem reached here, the local people reacted with great sadness because they all loved him very much.

Saying he was the chief minister of all Sarawakians and not just chief minister of a particular ethnic group, they were shocked at his death.

Adenan, popularly known as Tok Nan, had captured the hearts of the people in the rural areas for his people-centric policy and his focus on rural development.

While mourning the loss of the beloved chief minister, they were equally concerned about who would succeed him.

The Borneo Post contacted Kapit Chinese Chamber of Commerce chairman Datuk Yong Hua Sying, who felt strongly for the towering icon.

“This is really the biggest loss to Sarawak. He was the fairest chief minister of all times. He was chief minister for all Sarawakians and did not favour a particular ethnic group. He looked after all ‘Anak Sarawak’. He was a visionary statesman who devoted his entire life to the cause of Sarawak’s welfare. What a pity, his vision and mission to develop Sarawak just started. We all feel lost,” commented Yong.

“Since Adenan came to power, he placed great emphasis on rural development to enhance the quality of living of the rural people, trying to narrow the development gap between the urban and rural areas. We in Kapit have greatly benefited from his administration when the state government allocated big amount to implement various development projects here,” Yong pointed out.

He added that the main concern now was for Sarawakians to be united politically to ensure whoever succeeds Adenan will continue with his fair policy to all Sarawakians and defending Sarawak’s rights like immigration, education, oil royalty and English as second official language.