Thursday, June 27

Striving for all-Sarawakian football team one day

Dato Posa Majais

Dato Posa Majais

KUCHING: The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) views the development of the Youth Cup and President’s Cup players as a top priority.

According to new FAS president Dato Posa Majais, the development of state youth players is as important as the development of players for the Super League.

“The development of Youth Cup and President’s Cup players is vital to ensure that we do not lack quality local players for the Super League.

“Furthermore, our mission is to have more local players and eventually field an all-local team,” he said. “We will make aggressive changes to the Youth and President’s Cup squads this year as they are the backup players to the Super League team,” he added.

The new policy of the FAS, he reiterated, is to give priority to locals to play in the Super League and prove that the association does not ignore local talents.

On the President’s Cup, Posa is happy with the performance of some of the players who excelled in the Super League last season.

“We have a lot of young players who can shine if given the opportunity to play in high level competitions,” he said.

As such, Posa, who is Sarawak team manager, wants President’s Cup head coach S Veloo to think of ways to bring back the glory days for Sarawak.

“I believe that with his coaching background and wide experience, he can help us to do well in the competition,” he said of the former state player.