Tuesday, November 19

Eco-tourism master plan to make Lundu, Sematan tourism hub

Hamsien shows the eco-tourism master plan for Lundu and Sematan.

Hamsien shows the eco-tourism master plan for Lundu and Sematan.

LUNDU: An eco-tourism master plan has been approved for Lundu and Sematan to turn these two towns in Tanjong Datu into a tourism hub, says Lundu District officer Hamsien Atar.

He said the master plan was approved by the state government sometime last year.

“The master plan will turn Lundu and Sematan into an eco-tourism hub as we have all the elements here such as the sea, beaches, mountains, rivers, islands and flora and fauna such as the Rafflesia flowers which is found at Gunung Gading National park

“So this master plan will take advantage of what we have to attract more tourists coming here the whole year round,” Hamsien told The Borneo Post at his office here yesterday.

He said for the master plan to be successful, there must be enough facilities such as hotels and resorts to cater to the needs of the tourists.

“At the moment, we do not have enough of such facilities. So we are hoping that once the master plan is launched, we will be able to get the private sector to participate in the development of Lundu and Sematan,” he said.

Hamsien added that besides eco-tourism, plans were afoot to build more colleges for the growing needs of the people in the district.

“We also have a plan for Lundu to have light industries to provide job opportunities for the people in this district. Currently, we have some people involved in cottage industry such as handicraft and Malay traditional pastry. So, in the long run, we hope to expand these industries for the tourists,” he said.

Santubong MP Dato Sri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar had recently revealed that the government planned to make both Lundu and Sematan as major tourism destinations in Sarawak.

He said the master plan would be unveiled as part of the BN manifesto in the Tanjong Datu by-election.

“We will unveil our manifesto which will contain our blueprint for Lundu. This include the waterfront projects for both Lundu and Sematan and beautification projects for both towns to attract tourists to Tanjong Datu,” Wan Junaidi told a press conference at PBB headquarters in Kuching on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Hamsien, who has been appointed as the Returning Officer for the by-election, said the Lundu District Office was all set for the Nomination Day which is scheduled for today.

“Everything is all set for the big day tomorrow (Sat 4) for the Nomination Day. We have been very busy putting all things in place,” he added.

The Tanjong Datu seat fell vacant following the demise of former chief minister and Tanjong Datu assemblyman Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem of heart complications on Jan 11 at the Sarawak Heart Centre, Kota Samarahan. He was 72.

In the last state election held in May last year, Adenan defeated PKR candidate Jazolkipli Numan by a majority of 5,892 votes. He polled 6,360 votes against Jozolfipli’s 468 votes.

Adenan had been the assemblyman for Tanjong Datu since 2006. Before that, he had been Muara Tuang assemblyman. He was also a one-term MP for Sadong Jaya from 2004-2008.

Adenan’s widow Datin Patinggi Datuk Amar Jamilah Anu, 62, has been named as the BN candidate for the Tanjong Datu by-election.