Wednesday, October 27

Homegrown accounting software innovator to host session with youths at BPIEF 2017



KUCHING: The Salihin Chartered Accountants is the realisation of Salihin Abang’s vision of giving impact to the world around him.

The 44-year-old award-winning entrepreneur has always been very passionate about youth and community development.  This has led him to establish the world’s first Teaching Accountancy Firm (TAF) to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and at the same time produce young entrepreneurs and industry-ready graduates.

He is also responsible for the first-ever ‘zakat’ (tithe) and endowment accounting software that caters to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), allowing them to exercise their obligations in welfare and charity – the shariah-compliant way. Salihin is a strong believer of touching lives through charity, inspirational talks and sharing of experiences.

“It is exciting that we are in an age where we could share and tell our stories, journeys, experiences and struggles; we’re able to touch many lives. Life is all about perspective. For instance, when times are hard or you are upset over something trivial, switch your point of view towards a better perspective.

“Perspective is about seeing things through a different lens, knowing that someone is going through something worse; as long as you are still alive and healthy, nothing is unfixable. Hence, it is important to find the right perspective – you’d be more accepting and much happier,” her said.

Members of the public, especially youths and students, will be able to meet Salihin up close and personal at the Borneo Post International Education Fair (BPIEF), to take place at Vivacity Megamall here on March 11 and 12. At BPIEF 2017, Salihin will share his experiences during the talk on ‘Reflection of My Personal Journey’.

“It is important to have the right dream that stretches you in the right direction. Being a youth with many goals myself, (I can tell you that) dreams do come true – with hard work and great discipline,” said Salihin.

He stressed that for youths to become successful, they must seek knowledge, be curious to learn as well as be humble when learning from others. Additionally, they must also understand a certain subject or topic in depth and be authentic in terms of discovering and realising their inner potential.

“Education matters, as it allows a person the ability to gain knowledge, access positive learning opportunities and apply skills relevant for their future careers.”

Salihin hoped that the youths in Sarawak would be inspired by the topic not only for their personal and community development and growth, but also for their career progression.

“You can chart your own life history and you write your life story the way you want it to be,” he encouraged.