Monday, June 14

Bridge collapsed hit by flooding waste


BARABAI: Although the flood has gradually subsided, but a new problem occur at downstream of the HST, AntaraNewsKalimantan reported.

Piles of garbage such as bamboo and trees drifted hitting and knocking down a pedestrian bridge in the village of Jaranih.

Garbage also clog the bridge on the river spillway of Kadundung Village, North Labuan Amas (LAU) Sub-district, consequently slow the flow of rivers and floods receding.

According of Sub-district Head of LAU M Anhar, in collaboration with the surrounding community, the joint team, and helped by the police with a Rantis Rescue car, they lifted garbage which brought by flooding of rivers.

“We do this, because if the garbage is drifted into the river will affect the next stream, the Parumahan Village. Over there some bridges are only made of wood and low in position,” he said.

Vice Regent HST when reviewing the location of the flood, Wednesday (8/9) said, in 2017 damaged bridges will be repaired simultaneously with the other bridge that are no longer feasible and will to coordinate with public works agency.

“We also remind people to accustom clean life, especially not throw garbage to the river, because every time of heavy rain garbage in the river washed away and gradually accumulate in large numbers to clogging of bridges,” he said.