Friday, August 6

SM St Patrick Tawau among top schools


SM St.Patrick principal Lee (middle) with the school’s top 2016 SPM students.

TAWAU: SM St. Patrick was among the top schools with 10 students obtaining straight A’s in  the  2016 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

Principal Lee Ken Voon said the school’s GPS for 2016 was 4.31 compared to 2015 which was 3.95.

However, he said the school had ten straight A students which made the school among the top in the district.

The school’s top students are Nur Syafiqah bte Abdul Rahman (6A+,4A), Wong Ai Wei (6A+,3A-), John Mark bin Duis @ Michael (5A+, 2A, 1A-,2B), Tsong Jia Nie (4A+,6A), Jamie Eileen Sindin (4A+,2A,3A-), Nurul Shahira bte Saharuddin (4A+,4A,1B+), Kam Lu Teng (4A+,3A,1A-1B), Joel Joseph (4A+,2A,2A-,1B+), Lee Mui Fui (4A+, 2A,    2A-,1B+), Pang Xin Wang (3A+,7A,1A-), Hester Lim Tze Hung (3A+,6A,1A-), Chan Jin Kai (3A+,5A,3A-), Casimir Pius Liew Yeong Juin (3A+,5A,1A-), Nurain bte Harun (3A+,3A,1A-,2B+), Jecyline Ng (3A+,1A,4A-,1B+), Sandra Lee Zhen (3A+,1A,4A-,1B), Ainul Zaim bin Zakaria (2A+,5A,1A-,1B+), Nuraishah bte Mohamad (2A+,3A,2A-,1B+,1B), Vui Jinn Kang (2A+,2A,1A-,2B+,2C+), Sharon Kuruvilla (2A+,1A,3A-,1B+,1B,1C), Ho Yi Shin (1A+,7A,1A-,1B+), Lee Chen Huo (1A+,5A,2A-,3B+), Brandon Ryan Mosidin (1A+,5A,2A-,1B+), Stanley Stewart Lim Hon Yung (1A+,5A,2A-,1B+) and Chong Chee Yung (1A+,5A,2A-,1B+,2B).

Top student Wong Ai Vui when met said she was very happy and satisfied with her result when she found out that she had obtained 6A+ and 3A-.

The daughter of a contractor and housewife, she said she prepared as early as possible for her exams and did all her homework and exercises given by the teachers.

Wong said she used her time wisely and to relax, she watched  television and spent time with friends.