Saturday, June 19

Lajim denies Harapan Rakyat is BN-sponsored


BEAUFORT: Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah president Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin has denied that the party is a Barisan Nasional (BN) sponsored party.

He challenged those making the allegation to show proof of the party receiving financial aid from BN.

“All these allegations are lies that can damage my political career,” the Klias assemblyman said when officiating at Haparan Rakyat Kota Klias A and Kota Klias B operation centres.

Lajim added that in his 20 years as a cabinet minister both at  state and federal levels, he had never been implicated on issues of corruption and stressed that this was because he had been fighting for the people and not for himself.

“So I call on those who claim that I have many financial resources, to show proof. These allegations that Harapan Rakyat is ‘BN Friendly’ and is being financed by BN are lies that can damage my political career.”

Meanwhile, Lajim disclosed that Haparan Rakyat, if given the mandate to become the government, planned to give free education to Sabahans.

This is because he realises that the people are now burdened with financial constraints, especially in their children’s education.

“Thus, as the state government Harapan Rakyat will provide free education and free school bus services to students whose parents  earn RM400 and below,” he said and urged the rakyat to give Harapan Rakyat and Gabungan Sabah (USA) the mandate to form the government in the 14th general election.