Tuesday, August 9

UCSI warms up to urban poor with SKUP


Participants of the ‘Hungry Warrior Event for the Urban Poor’ ready to give away the cakes.

KUCHING: UCSI University teamed up with WormingUp to conduct the ‘Hungry Warrior Event for the Urban Poor’ at its Sarawak Campus and also the Society for Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP) headquarters here recently.

Fifty UCSI students took part in this programme jointly run with WormingUp, aimed at benefitting 400 people under SKUP’s list, as well as introducing and instilling in the students the attitude of loving food and hating waste.

“The event involves UCSI University students in a community engagement with WormingUp and also our local urban poor communities that are sponsored by SKUP,” said a UCSI University spokesperson.

WormingUp is a social enterprise that provides interactive and innovative workshops that bring awareness to the people of Kuching and beyond of environmental issues such as food wastage.

The SKUP is a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) that provides for the basic needs of the urban poor across this city, regardless of race, religion or backgrounds. In addition, the NGO also provides skills training, financial assistance and job placement opportunities to families living below the poverty line so that they, in turn, could become self-reliant.

The ‘Hungry Warrior Event for the Urban Poor’ was conducted in three phases.

Firstly, a charity drive was run at UCSI Sarawak Campus from March 14 to 15, through which WormingUp and 50 students donated money, margarine, sugar, flour and eggs to the needy.

The second phase, from March 16 to 17, had 10 UCSI SGEC students baking 20 trays of cakes – namely Butter Cake and Pandan Chiffon Cake – enough to cater for 400 people.

The third phase on March 18 had the same UCSI SGEC students, together with representatives from WormingUp and SKUP, distributing the cakes to the urban poor.

“Both UCSI SGEC and WormingUp are pleased with the results of their collaborative efforts and are looking forward to working together on future projects. With more of these types of events, Kuching city is developing into a more caring society – caring for the people and for the environment. This is a legacy worth working towards,” added the spokesperson.

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