Friday, August 14

Remaining two kidnap victims return to Tawau from KL


Rahim (front) and Tayudin being welcomed by family members at Tawau Airport.

TAWAU: The two Malaysian kidnap victims who were discharged from the intensive care unit of a hospital in Kuala Lumpur arrived at Tawau safely yesterday at 12.50pm.

Tayudin Anjut, 46, arrived at Tawau from Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia together with Abdul Rahim Summas, 63, yesterday.

Both seamen, who were held captive by Abu Sayyaf militants since last July, were still unable to walk over long distance at this moment as they would need more time to fully recover, especially on the strength of their legs.

Tayudin said he is required to undergo scheduled medical reviews at Tawau hospital until he is fully recovered before returning to Kuala Lumpur for treatment of his blurred vision.

He disclosed that his desire to continue his vocation as a seaman is still strong as it is his only source of income for his family. However, he will assess his health condition before deciding whether or not to work again.

In the meantime, he advised all seamen to be extra careful when working in the Sulu Sea and Semporna waters and urged security agencies to tighten up security in these areas.

Rahim, who suffers from numbness of his legs, felt relieved upon arrival at Tawau and meeting up with his family members. He said he is contemplating retirement following this traumatic incident.

The two extended their thanks to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman and other parties for their help in ensuring that they could return home safely.