Tuesday, March 19

Show your patriotism by upholding the law


I WISH to refer to the article on April 13 regarding the summonses issued to illegally parked cars near Stadium Perpaduan in Petra Jaya during the recent Malaysian Open badminton tournament.

I fully support the upholding of the law, rules and regulations of this country by the Traffic Police Department.

In the first place, offences have been committed notwithstanding the fact that the fans/supporters or offenders may have been patriotic in their support of the national team.

They should also show their patriotism by upholding the law, rules and regulations of this country so that offences of this nature would not occur.

Imagine what the men in blue had to endure in the discharge of their duties so that law and order could prevail, with the free flow of traffic, but also how other citizens were obstructed by the indiscriminate parking!

Our forefathers had agreed that it’s an offence to park illegally, so why are we faulting the police when they are enforcing the law.

I’m sure most of us will think of calling for the police whenever an offence is committed, so why should they be faulted and asked to annul what they have done in accordance with the law in the first place.

In conclusion, the Traffic Police have done a good job and those who are issued with the summonses must appreciate that their mistakes have been pointed out to them.

Thus, would-be offenders beware.

Bravo to the police for a job well done and keep it up so that this country will be a better place to be in.
Law-abiding Citizen