Wednesday, June 16

37 arrested in weekly statewide anti-illegal gambling operation


KUCHING: State police are sending a clear message to all that any illegal gambling activity would not be tolerated and those found running them would face the consequences.

According to Sarawak CID chief Dato Dev Kumar, the fight against illegal gambling continues, with ongoing raids on premises suspected of running this activity especially those illegally selling four-digit (4D) lottery tickets.

He said between April 17 and 23, his men conducted 26 raids across the state which resulted in the arrest of 37 individuals. Of these 26 raids, 24 were on illegal 4D operations which were mostly in Kuching and Padawan areas.

Moreover Dev said of those arrested, 26 are men and the rest are women – all aged between 16 and 64 years old. Adding on, he said three of those arrested are foreigners.

“From these 24 raids, my men arrested 28 individuals and seized cash amounting to RM3,346 from the raided sites,” he said, adding that mobile phones, portable printers, calculators and stationery items were also confiscated from these premises.

Dev also said apart from illegal 4D operations, the CID also raided on a cock-fighting pit in Miri which resulted in the arrest of seven individuals and seizure of various paraphernalia believed to be used for gambling.

“The make-shift pit was destroyed by the police team,” he said, noting that the suspected illegal gambling sites are generally located at public places such as the five-footways of shoplots, coffee shops and a grocery shop.

All those arrested are being investigated under the Common Gaming House Act 1953 and Prevention to Cruelty of Animals Ordinance 1962.

“The operation against illegal gambling in the state will be ongoing. There will be no stop in our efforts to eradicate illegal gambling,” Dev stressed.