Locals going bananas over freak tree


This freaky banana plant with fruits in the middle of the stem has the local community going bananas.

LIMBANG: Villagers here are baffled by a freak banana tree at a farm in Kampung Bidang.

Talking about the slightly spooky but unique phenomenon, farmer Sujar Balie said the inflorescence grew from the middle of the stem instead of at the top of the banana tree.

“I grow many banana plants on my farm but this one stood out and such a phenomenon is rare,” he said.

The unusual sight has attracted a throng of visitors from Kampung Bidang and other nearby villages to his farm.

The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. When it is matured, the corm stops producing new leaves and begins to form a flower spike or inflorescence, better known as ‘banana heart’.

A stem develops which grows up inside the pseudo stem, carrying the immature inflorescence until it eventually emerges at the top.