Friday, December 4

Cops probing sighting of men in camouflage gear at plantation


LAHAD DATU: Police are conducting a detailed investigation into a report lodged by a plantation worker who bumped into five individuals wearing camouflage pants at Ladang Sawit, Blok 8 Felda Sahabat 2, yesterday.

It was learnt that the 52-year-old plantation worker bumped into the group of armed men while cleaning the farm at the area.

The complainant claimed that he heard some voices and went searching for the source. He later found five individuals wearing camouflage pants who were armed.

When the group became aware of his presence, two of them stood up and asked the complainant if he came from the Philippines or Indonesia. They also told the complainant that they came here without any intention to burden the people but to save Sabahans, instead.

Before leaving the place, one of the men told the complainant that 37 men have landed at the beach.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Ramli Din when contacted yesterday, confirmed that police had received the report and investigation is still ongoing from all aspects.

Ramli said they would not underestimate the allegation and a detailed investigation wouldbe conducted. However, he added that security in the east coast of Sabah was still under control.