Public to the rescue as crash leaves motorcyclist unconscious on the road


Paramedics attending to the victim at the scene.

MIRI: An unconscious man was lucky not to have been run over by motorists after he fainted in the middle of the new road at Taman Tunku following an accident on Saturday.

The victim, in his 30s, was believed to have been unconscious for almost half an hour prior to being noticed by passers-by around 6.30pm.

One motorist said he initially thought the victim had died when he stopped to help, and was relieved to find out the victim was alive after the latter responded to being shaken.

“Several other motorists pulled over and we helped the victim by moving him to the road divider while waiting for the ambulance to arrive,” he said, adding that the road was dark as there were no street lights along the stretch.

It is learned the victim was on his way home from work when his motorcycle skidded and crashed.

He suffered injuries to his leg, elbows and hand.