Wednesday, July 8

Former Pujut rep to file defamation suit in Kuching next week


Dr Ting (second left) with Ling (third left) and two others show reporters a copy of the police report and newspaper cuttings after lodging the police report at Miri CPS.

MIRI: Former Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon will file a defamation suit against Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh at the Kuching High Court next week.

Dr Ting, when met after lodging a police report at Miri Central police station (CPS) yesterday, said he and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) had given sufficient time for Wong to apologise for saying that he (Dr Ting) was bankrupt.

“Today, we came to lodge a police report against Wong, who has maliciously and on several occasions said that I was (declared) bankrupt twice in Australia.

“Despite many warnings and advice (to Wong) that his information was incorrect and that he should investigate further, he refused to apologise and maintained that his information was correct,” Dr Ting said.

He claimed that Wong’s public statement published by both print and online media was a deliberate effort with malicious intent to damage his personal reputation (as a qualified medical practitioner) and the reputation of the DAP for the purpose of political gain.

“He uses all sorts of bullying tactics, baseless accusations and personal attack against me. That is why we came to lodge the police report,” he said.

Dr Ting pointed out that he would assist police in the investigation and would provide correct information to the authority.

Meanwhile, state DAP secretary Alan Ling, who accompanied Dr Ting to lodge the report, hoped that police would carry out the investigation impartially.

“Wong had threatened to lodge a report on false declaration if we lodge a police report against him.

“We welcome him (to lodge a report),” Ling said.

On another note, he advised Wong to stop making threatening remarks as they had given him enough time to apologise.

“He (Wong) seems not interested, (therefore) this is our last resort,” Ling said.

Dr Ting and several DAP members will be in Kuching next week to file the defamation suit.