Sunday, February 23

Music festival to feature tai chi for wellness


KUCHING: The upcoming Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) from July 14-16 will feature tai chi sessions as part of its wellness programme.

In a statement yesterday, Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) said the sessions will be hosted by the Sarawak Shenlong Tai-Chi Chuan Society led by instructor Lai Cho Sin.

Open to all ages and any level of physical fitness, the tai chi sessions will be held in the mornings of the three-day festival at the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) festival ground.

Tai chi is a mind-body exercise classified as a martial art, with principles of relaxation that can be applied in daily life.

Thanks to its low-impact and slow movements, tai chi is not taxing on the body.

The Sarawak Shenlong Tai-Chi Chuan Society was established in 1988 under master Wu Kuo-Chung.

In addition to tai chi, this year’s RWMF will also include yoga, meditation and Zumba sessions for the wellness programme.

The festival, which is now in its 20th edition, will also see mini sessions, cultural talks, arts and crafts for children, as well as traditional cultural food and crafts bazaars.

The highlight will be over 20 bands performing during the three-day festival.

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