Tuesday, May 18

Two men killed in Papar fires


KOTA KINABALU: Fire claimed the lives of two men in Papar over the weekend.

In the first case, Awang Ismail Pangeran Sarifudin, 90, died after his house at Kampung Seladan Bongawan, Papar caught fire on Sunday night.

Papar district police chief DSP Nor Azizulkifli Mansor said the fire which broke out about 7.30pm also caused injuries to Awang Ismail’s 57-year-old son.

The fire was believed to have been caused by an oil lamp which Awang Ismail had lit in his room, Nor Azizulkifli said when asked to confirm the case.

He said the house was located in an isolated wooded area near a farm and the family’s nearest neighbour was about 300 metres away.

Investigations revealed that on Sunday night, Awang Ismail was in his room while his son was having dinner in the living room when he saw the fire break out.

“The two of them tried to put out the fire but to no avail. Awang Ismail’s son urged him to escape from the house but the former refused and insisted on putting out the fire. The younger man who sustained burns on his arms and legs then ran for help from their neighbour who in turn called the fire station.

“However when the firemen arrived, they found Awang Ismail’s charred remains,” Nor Azizulkifli said, adding that the son was being treated for burns at the Papar district hospital.

In the second case at Kampung Padawan early Monday morning, fire killed Mark Jamaing, 34.

Mark had earlier alerted his parents and two brothers of the fire which broke out at their home at about 4.30am.

Nor Azizulkifli said after they got out safely, Mark went back into the burning building to get his car keys but never made it out again.

Firemen, after putting out the fire at 6.10am found Mark’s charred remains among the rubble, he said, adding that firemen had some problems putting out the fire initially as the water source was far away.